Frequently Asked Questions

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How durable are the hand polished finishes?

They are able to withstand water spillages, hot coffee cups and wine glasses.
However, no finish will protect against items from the oven being placed directly
on the table. Table mats should be used for these items.

Do you provide insurance quotations?

Yes, I am happy to provide verbal estimates free of charge. If a written estimate is required,
a charge of 30.00 will be made. This will be refunded if I am instructed to carry out the work.

I have several pieces of furniture with digs and scratches in my home. Do they need to be completely re-polished?

I can often repair, touch out and re-polish without completely stripping the furniture. I can offer
a home visit at an hourly rate where I can take care of minor damage.

My dining table has a white mark on it, can it be removed?

Yes. Sometimes it is possible to repair on site without a complete re-polish.

I have an antique dining table which we use nearly every day.
Can you re-polish it so I can use it without worrying about damaging it?

Yes, I can use a hand applied durable finish that looks attractive but will also allow you
to put cups and wine glasses etc on without damage.

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